Friday, July 19, 2019

 Bridget C Lewis on "That's My Biz"

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Why is the Mission Main Street Project Important to WLS?


Bridget C Lewis, President and Owner of WLS.  

SA: Ms. Lewis, tell us about your business and what makes it unique.

BL: Workplace Learning Solutions LLC or WLS as we are affectionately known, provides professional development consulting to small businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations with 1 - 2,500 employees.  What makes us unique is our commitment to delivering great service that actually meets our clients' needs.  We've found that often, consultants tend to be so eager to show off their knowledge and expertise that they forget to truly listen to the client.  We believe that listening must precede hearing so that we can gain a true understanding of the client's needs and concerns. Many other consultants will say clients don't really know what they need. And this is sometimes true, but not always. So our uniqueness lies in our ability to listen to the client, identifying and/or verifying the need, and then delivering services that will meet those needs.  Our goal is to add value to our clients' organizations and leave them better than when we first became involved.  We are interested in solving people performance issues in a way that our clients can identify with so that they will be more likely to continue using or referencing our solutions long after we are gone.  This is the only way to sustain any behavioral changes necessary to improve performance. We aim to become a seamless part of our clients' organizations for the duration of our relationship with them and always ensure complete satisfaction before ending a project.

SA: What services do you offer and how successful have you been?

BL: Our primary service to our business clients is the facilitation of soft-skills training programs. Additionally, we consult with clients to help identify the true needs and the root cause of performance issues.  Sometimes a client may believe that poor work performance is a result of lack of training. This isn't always the case, so through our performance consulting we are able to help the client uncover issues that may not have been as visible or easily detectable before.  We are also experts in the area of new employee onboarding and orientation and we develop customized solutions and agendas for some of our clients.  Additionally, we work closely with the smaller of the small businesses in areas including talent selection and retention, and performance management. Some of our most rewarding work has been through our involvement with the local workforce development agencies delivering job readiness training to the unemployed.  We also provide one-on-one career counseling for career professionals who are trying to advance in their current careers or perhaps change fields to something completely new.  Our efforts have been largely successful.  Our clients' consistently give rave reviews about the impact we have had on their business or their professional lives.


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